Example Senior Photos

Tips for Seniors

– A few days prior, make sure you stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. Don’t stress if you wake up with blemishes the day of your session (and don’t mess with them as it will generally make them worse — let the Photoshop deal with it!)

– Come with a fresh face. No moisturizer.

– Wash your hair the night before.

– Avoid getting sunburned, we want you to look and feel your best!

– If you are planning on getting a haircut, do so at least two weeks in advance.

– Ladies: Practice your hair and makeup! Bring makeup and hair products for touch-ups. Paint your nails the night before the session or have them done professionally.

– Guys: shave the day of your appointment.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous and awkward to start. You don’t know where to put your hands and where to look. Good news: you don’t need to know how to pose! We’ll walk you through it and tension will soon fade!

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